About Us

Culcita (pronounced kul-see-tah, and the Latin origin of the word "quilt") is the brain child of two sisters and their parents.







Jamie Loves Quilting

Jamie, aka the younger sister, is a lover of all things modern fabric, quilting, and sewing.

After watching her mom sew many Halloween costumes, Christmas PJs, and quilts as a child, Jamie started sewing when she made a king size (!) log cabin quilt for her now hubby over a decade ago.

She was hooked.

These days, she relishes spending hours on end in what her husband jokingly refers to as her 'sweat shop.'

An Idea is Born

Late this past summer, Jamie's mom and dad approached her sister, Jessica, about starting up a new business.

Amy and Alan have always had a knack for entrepreneurial ventures and wanted to do "something online" for their next business.

Jessica can create websites and logos with the best of them, so she was excited about helping them launch a new e-commerce business.

Eventually, the group realized there might be a way to pair the gaining popularity of subscription box services with Jamie's dream of opening a modern quilt shop.

So they got to work.

No More Torture, No More Missing Out

With two young boys running around, "quick trips" to Jamie's local quilt shop were more like torture than the "me time" she wanted them to be. 

Not to mention, it always seemed like a scramble to get her hands on the coolest fabrics (she hearts Tula Pink... like really, really) and so she wanted to figure out a way to make it so people could "just get it."

After lots of research, planning, help from Jamie's friend Bernadette who used to own a quilt shop, a few tears, late nights, and their first Quilt Market experience, Culcita finally launched in November 2017.

It's modern quilting happy fabric mail, subscription box style!

We look forward to getting to know all of our subscribers and creating a vibrant online community together!