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Weekend Candy Quilt Kit

by Jamie Trinier January 16, 2017

We chose Weekend Candy Quilt by the crazy talented Suzy Quilts for our first Quilt Box.

We decided on it because it’s a great quilt for beginners to start with and it’s a fun, quick finish for seasoned quilters.

Me personally, I had lost my sew mojo, or rather I felt I didn’t have time to create due to my infant and toddler sons. Goal for this year: make time to make! My sewing room is my place, my haven, especially since we did a little DIY reno, so it’s high time I make time for myself and my place of rejuvenation!

(Note: The fabrics in this post are different than the ones we sent you, our blossoming #CulcitaCrew, because I couldn't get the collection shipped to me in time to make it before shipping to you... but I will be updating this post, as well as social media, to include the quilt in the collection we shipped this month as well – so please check back shortly! With that said, the "key" on what we sent you in your box is:

Color 1 - Whale Tails
Color 2 - Starfish
Color 3 - Pink Shells
Color 4 - Navy on Navy Swirl
Color 5 - Solid Gray
Color 6 - Pink with Blue Oysters
Color 7 - Solid Navy
Color 8 - White Coral Reef
Color 9 - Solid Green
Color 10 - Light Blue with White Coral
Color 11 - Navy Coral Reef
Binding - Solid Pink

Feel free to mix and match these colors to your liking, just keep in mind they are different cut lengths, so be sure to switch a 1/4 yd with a 1/4 yd!)

So, Weekend Candy.

This simple, beautiful quilt was a great way for me to get my #sewmojo back! After all, Suzy Quilts is the queen of Sew Mojo.

I made the baby size (it’s a gift for Little Miss A, good thing she doesn't have social media to ruin the surprise yet!) and was able to get the top cut and finished in one day!

Big thank you to Gramma for watching the boys so I could actually have all day!

You, our wonderful #CulcitaCrew, you received enough fabric to make the throw size.

I didn’t follow the color layout exactly as Suzy had written it, because I like to put my own personal spin on patterns. Suzy has a handy dandy blank diagram at the back of the pattern so you can color your own scheme. I found this especially useful, as I was able to label the strips the way she has them labeled and it made cutting much easier!

After cutting all the strips I threw them up on the design wall, just to make sure it was going to turn out the way I wanted it to.

Something about it didn’t look right.

Whenever I feel something is ‘off,’ I take a picture of it in black and white, this way you can see color value (how dark or light it is).

Turns out, the part that was bothering me was the last two strips, both were too light.

Lucky for me, I had some extra pink and cut a strip to replace the mushrooms.

Took another picture, much better!

I also like to use the very high tech method of sticky notes to label my strips, so I can easily keep them in order.

Time to kick the sewing machine into high gear!

Now, Suzy's pattern says to pin the seams prior to sewing.

My thoughts, ‘pfft,I don’t need to pin, this isn’t my first rodeo.’

So I sewed the first few strips sans clips or pins.

Bad move, Jamie.

My shit was all wonky, out of square by a 1/4” or so, not cool, not cool.

I was using mostly Art Gallery fabrics, now, don’t get me wrong, I love Art Gallery, their fabrics feel amazing. But, because their fabrics are so thin, they stretch and move more than this not-so-accurate sewist can handle without pinning or clipping.

So I had to stop, square up what I had already done and then bust out the Wonderclips.

I clipped from there on out, checking the sewn strips and quilt top for squareness (if that's even a word) after every seam and got the rest of the top sewn without problem.

If only I had listened to wise Suzy from the get go...

Such a beautiful quilt!

I’m so happy with the way it turned out and hope Little Miss A loves it too.

Please comment below if you have any questions as you dive into creating your Weekend Candy quilt, or to add anything you think I should have noted that you discovered while making this quilt.

I'm new to creating tutorials and I only included notes beyond what Suzy's pattern says here, so I'll be happy to fill in more detail as needed and desired! 

Jamie Trinier
Jamie Trinier


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