Frequently Asked Questions

When will my first Culcita Box ship?  

Our boxes ship around the 15th of each month, give or take a day  or two for weekends and the "mommies-running-households-and-businesses"  juggle. 

When will my Culcita Box be billed?

Your first box is billed right away. Subsequent billings happen on the 29th for monthly subscribers and the 25th for bi-monthly and quarterly subscribers.

Does everyone receive the same fabrics every month? 

Not always. We have chosen to feature one fabric collection per month, and every collection has a different number of fabrics, sometimes way more than 12. When that's the case, you may receive one "colorway" from the collection and someone else may receive the other. 

What if I don't like the fabrics in my Culcita Box? 

We let our subscribers know what we're planning in the hopes to avoid disappointment, but if you don't like the fabrics you received in your first shipment, you may cancel your subscription and return them to us for a  refund within 30 days, less the cost of shipping. 

If you ever decide you have too much fabric, or Culcita isn't what you thought it would be, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

We will not accept returns or process refunds following your first month's shipment, except if your shipment is damaged upon receipt. 

Can I order a Culcita Box from a previous month?  

Yes, if we have some left over, we will have them available for individual sale here

Can I cancel my membership?  

Yes, you may cancel at any time. 

If you prepay for your subscription, you will be sent all of the shipments you prepaid for, but your subscription will not renew after that when you cancel. 

What are shipping costs? 

US subscriptions include FREE shipping!

Canadian and International shipping rates are dependent upon what type of subscription you purchase and are shown on each checkout page – they start at $6.50 to Canada. 

Note, however, that duties, taxes, and fees may apply to your shipment upon receipt, which is something we can't control at this time. 

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