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Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Tutorial

by Jamie Trinier April 24, 2017

Triangle Jitters by the ever fabulous Suzy Quilts, is our featured Quilt Kit pattern for the second quarter of the year. I love how complicated this quilt looks, when really it's just all half square triangles! Triangle Jitters is such a striking quilt and sews up easily!

Our #culcitacrew received enough fabric for the throw size quilt.

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Pattern

Here's the story of my make!

Now, you may or may not know that I, Jamie, do not live where #culcitabox fabric lives. Our fabric, that we lovingly box up and send to our blossoming #culictacrew every month, lives south of the 49th Parallel at my sister, Jessica's, house in Montana. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. What this means, is that I actually have to think and plan my projects, so that Jessica can send me the fabric every time we get a new collection. 

Herein lies the problem, thinking and planning. 

I did not think and plan very well for this quilt. I just had Jessica send me half yards of Art Gallery's Take Shape without planning what I was going to use it for. I decided I wanted to use Take Shape for Triangle Jitters and then realized that half yards would not be enough for the quilt, so while in Montana for a funeral, I just grabbed some remnants.

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Fabric Selection

I finally read the pattern when I got home. 

I did have enough fabric, but not enough continuous fabric to make the half square triangles (HSTs) the way Suzy has them written in the pattern. Lucky for me, there's about a billion different ways to make HSTs! We're working up a post for all the different ways to make HSTs, look for it in a week or two!

A little quilty math, I'm an engineer, so I loooove me some quilty math, and I had a new plan to make the HSTs. Whew, fabric crisis averted!

In her pattern, Suzy has the quilter cut 10.25" squares, stitch all the way around the perimeter and then cut twice diagonally, resulting in four HSTs. This is a great way to make a large number of HSTs at once, the only down side for me, is that it leaves you with all bias edges. Since I'm not the most precise, bias edges are no bueno for me.

Bias edges are raw edges made from cutting across the grain of the fabric, resulting in a little more stretch and movement in the fabric. A little Flatter or starch would totally help this though. Flatter is also great when you initially press your fabric. It's non-toxic and formaldehyde free, all good things in my book. Plus, it was developed by a gal in Toronto!

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Flatter

I used a different HST making technique, where you make two HSTs at a time. 

In this technique, you cut a strip 7/8" larger than you want your finished HST to be. I in this case I cut 6 7/8" strips, because I want a 6" finished HST. Then you subcut (cut again) into 6 7/8" squares. 

Once all the squares were cut, mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of all the light squares. For some reason, after all these years, I have never purchased a fabric marker, but a pencil works just fine, the mark will be in the seam allowance anyway.

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit HST Marking

After all the prep work is done, it's finally time for sewing! 

You sew a 1/4" on either side of the diagonal line you drew. Chain sew for time and then repeat down the other side of the line. 

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Chain Sewing

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit HST Sew on Each Side of the Line

Look at all that chain sewing goodness!

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Chain Sewing Goodness

Next, cut the triangles apart down that same diagonal line.

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit HST Cut Apart

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit All Cut Apart

Now we're back on track with the pattern.

Press the HST and trim down to 6" square. Trimming takes a lot of time, and it used to be something I didn't do. I just wanted to get the top done! However, I am now older and wiser, and trimming is totally worth it! The HSTs sew together so much easier if they have all been trimmed to the right size. 

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Pressed and Ready for a Trim

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Trim Down

At this point in my make, I was feeling the pressure of life and to get the top done, plus a million other things and my sweet friend, Bernadette, offered to sew the top together and longarm it for me! Oh, I love quilty friends!

Bernadette owned Traditional Pastimes here in Calgary for over 15 years, my favorite quilt shop of all time. I think I actually cried when she closed the shop. She is a huge wealth of knowledge and just the sweetest lady! She has graciously agreed to be our guest blogger, so look for her upcoming blogs with tons of tips and tricks!

The HSTs I gave Bernadette have magically reappeared at my house as a finished and quilted quilt! Yay! I love it, totally gorgeous! 

If you don't have this magical quilt fairy, I find it helpful to lay out all the HST on the floor or design wall, if it's big enough, just to make sure you have all the HST oriented correctly for the pattern. Sew all the HSTs into strips and then the strips into a finished quilt top!

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit on the Design Wall

We hope you love this quilt as much as we do! Show us your make on IG or Facebook, we love to see (and share!) what you make!

Triangle Jitters Quilt Kit Finished

We realized that a fabric key didn't make it into this month's kit boxes, so, below is a key! The fabrics are stacked in the order below in your kit:

  • Binding - 1/2 yard of either Eek or Cat Snacks
  • Color 1 - 3/4 yard Fur Ball
  • Color 2 - 1 yard Cat Eyes
  • Color 3 - 3/4 yard Lucy
  • Background - 1 3/4 yard Alison Glass White Sun Print
  • Backing - 3.5 yards either Eek or Cat Snacks 

Jamie Trinier
Jamie Trinier


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