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Rollie Pollie Organizer Bag Kit

by Jamie Trinier April 16, 2017

The bag/accessory we are featuring for the second quarter of the year is the Rollie Pollie Organizer by Sarah at Cozy Nest Design.

We saw the Rollie Pollie Organizer for the first time at Fall Quilt Market in the Cotton + Steel booth. We knew immediately we had to include the pattern in our Bag/Accessory Kit lineup!

Rollie Pollie Organizer Quilt Market Sample 

I also knew I wanted to make it from our February featured collection, Cotton + Steel’s Sleep Tight by Sarah Watts. Those hedgehogs and owls! And gold metallic! Oh my!

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Finished Standing

I took me a looooong time to make this bag, not because it’s hard to make, but because of life. I started it just days before going back to work full time following my maternity leave.

It has definitely been and adjustment for our whole house having me back at work and my time in the sewing room has taken a hit. After six weeks back, we are finally starting to get used to the new normal and I’ve been able to get in to my place of aahhhhh, for a couple hours each week. Thank goodness! 

Sarah’s pattern is very well written and easy to follow with lots of great tips. Something this not-so-proficient bag maker needs! I used Sarah’s tip of fusing the interfacing to the fabric first and then cutting all the pouch pieces. Big time saver. Big! 

Instead of pinning the pouch pattern piece to the fabric, I used masking tape. Much faster and you don’t get the distortion from pinning. And the pieces are small, so there would likely be pricked fingers, had I used pins.

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Masking Tape Tip

After getting everything cut out, Sarah has you sew the ends of the zippers together. Ah ha moment! Why has no one told me this tip before?! I’ve always struggled with how to make sure the open end of the zipper stays together. Welp, now I know! Yay!

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Zipper Ah Ha Moment

On to zipper tabs and pull tabs.

Rollie Pollie Organizer Zippers with Tabs & Pulls

Then velcro, lots of velcro!

I used a fabric glue stick to glue baste all the velcro down, as opposed to pinning them. Glue basting is awesome, and also something I had never tried! 

I glued the velcro down, put books on top to keep the velcro from curling off the panel, and then did something else for an hour – or two weeks, ha! – while it dried. I loved it, because the velcro doesn’t move at all while top stitching them down. 

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Pockets with Velcro

Zipper Time!

This part is a little tricky. To topstitch the second side of the zipper, once the first side is already sewn in and topstitched, you have to go through the zipper opening to sew as much as possible and then finish it from either side opening. Once you do the first one, the rest happen pretty easily. Hopefully the pictures below help, it took me awhile to wrap my head around it at first!

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Top Stitching Zipper from the Middle

Rollie Pollie Organizer Top Stitching Zipper from the End

Finishing the Pouches

Sewing the ends on the pouches is a little tricky too, you just need to go slow. That’s pretty much what I have to keep telling myself the entire time I’m working on a bag. Slow down! 

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Sewing Pocket Ends

Oh, and the masking tape I have on my machine, that is so I remember where a 1/2” seam allowance needs to be. I’m so used to 1/4” seams, I need a visual reminder.

More Velcro!

This time on the panel. I didn’t draw lines all the way across the panel, just little tick marks. More glue basting and then stop stitching the velcro on the panel. 

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Velcro Guide Lines

Note to self, don’t wear yoga pants and sweatshirt while sewing on the ‘hook’ part of the velcro. The hooks kept sticking to my clothes and hanging up, not feeding through the machine well. I ended up rolling the long end up, so it wouldn’t stick to me, and so it would fit through the throat of my machine easily.

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Top Stitching Panel Velcro

After top stitching the fold marks on the panel lining it’s time to baste the exterior and interior together!

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Top Stitching Fold Marks

Rollie Pollie Organizer Baste Panel Pieces Together

Time to Bind! 

Sarah gives the handy little tip to place pins where you need to stop sewing while sewing on the binding. Ahhh, again, why haven’t I thought of this? I always just eyeball it and am often off!

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Binding Pin Tip

And she has really good instructions on getting your binding ends matched up and sewn together without a huge WAG (wild a__ guess). I didn’t get my signature Jamie Binding Pucker! Yeas! She has you find the center and then measure the binding a certain distance from the center pin.

 Rollie Pollie Organizer Binding Finishing Tip

Attach the D ring and the bag handle and Voila! The niftiest little bag ever!

Rollie Pollie Organizer Attach D Ring

Rollie Pollie Organizer Attaching Handle

Here's the Lining of the panel finished!

Rollie Pollie Organizer Finished Panel

Finished Rollie Pollie Organizer, Interior!

Rollie Pollie Organizer Finished Interior

All rolled up!

Rollie Pollie Organizer Rolled Up

If you have any questions, let me know! Or if you have any tips of your own, I would love to hear those too!

Jamie Trinier
Jamie Trinier


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