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Radiate Wallet & Zip Up Tray Pouch Tutorials

by Jamie Trinier July 06, 2017

For the third quarter of the year we are featuring two patterns in our Bag Kit, SLO Studio’s Radiate Wallet and Aneela Hoey’s Zip Up Tray Pouch!

Radiate Wallet

I absolutely love the Radiate Wallet’s exterior flap. Such a fun pop of color! The flap is paper pieced, which I don’t do very often, so I always have to go back and watch Violet Craft’s YouTube video to get the first two pieces going. Then, like riding a bike, it comes back! Have you tried Violet’s seam roller by the way? Amazing.

Radiate Wallet Paper Piecing

Once the flap is done, it’s really a pretty quick pattern.

Radiate Wallet Flap Finished

When I’m making a bag, I like to fuse all the interfacing at once, so it’s all done and I don’t have to stop sewing to fuse. After fusing all the interfacing, it’s time to install the coin pocket zipper and sew the long side of the coin pocket interior pieces together. You don’t have to worry about the sides, as they will get sewn when the exterior panel and interior panel are sewn together. Press the coin pocket down, away from the flap and you’re ready for the interior!

Radiate Wallet Coin Pocket

Radiate Wallet Zipper Installed

I finally tried a Hera Marker for marking where to top stitch the middle of the card pockets, this thing is glorious! I also used the height compensation tool when sewing over bulky sections, like the second bank note pocket. Also amazing, why have I never used these tools before?!

Radiate Wallet Hera Marker

Radiate Wallet Height Compensation Tool

After all the pockets are sewn on, it’s time to install the magnetic snap. If you’ve never installed one before, here’s a little step by step.

First mark a little cross where you want the snap centered.

Radiate Wallet Installing Magnetic Snap Step 1

Take the washer and center it over the cross intersection and mark where the prongs holes will need to be.

Radiate Wallet Installing Magnetic Snap Step 2

Radiate Wallet Installing Magnetic Snap Step 3

Use sharp snips to cut the prong holes, I cut them a little smaller than they need to be, because I don’t want them too big and have them show!

Push the snap through the holes from the right side of the fabric, then place the washer on top, and finally a 1” square of interfacing to reinforce the area. Fold the prongs outward and fuse the interfacing! Repeat with the other half of the snap.

Radiate Wallet Installing Magnetic Snap Step 4

Radiate Wallet Installing Magnetic Snap Step 5

Radiate Wallet Installing Magnetic Snap Step 6

Time to sew the exterior and interior panels together, turn, and top stitch all the way around. Done! Enjoy your wallet!

Radiate Wallet Finished

Radiate Wallet Finished Back

Radiate Wallet Finished Interior

Zip Up Tray Pouch

So, I personally think Aneela Hoey is a genius when it comes to pouches. Her Zip Up Tray Pouch, Double Zip Box Pouch, and Open Out Box Pouch, ahh, so great! The Zip Up Tray seemed totally intimidating to me, but after completing it, so easy!

I’ve never made bias binding before, so I was pretty excited to learn how to make it. I always like small projects when I’m first trying something. I’m easily intimidated, ha!

Zip Up Tray Pouch Bias Binding

As you can see in the photo below, I’m using a heavy bookend to flatten my interfacing, as it was a little curved from the store.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Bias Binding Finished

One thing that I was totally bummed about was that I could not find a 10” separating zipper in Calgary. I didn’t want to make my tray any smaller by using a 9” zipper, so I went with 12” and have a little tail. Our #culcitacrew won’t have a little tail, you will all have 10” zippers.

Really, this pattern is so simple, install zipper, check.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Installing Zipper

Top stich and insert interfacing strips, check.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Insert Interfacing

Sew on binding, check.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Sewing Binding

End piece interfacing and stitching, check.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Interfacing

Zip Up Tray Pouch Ends

I think the trickiest part is sewing on the end pieces. But a zipper foot really helps, and going slow of course. Going slow is not my forte. Heh.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Sewing Ends

Zip Up Tray Pouch Sewing Ends On

To finish the bag, hand sew the corners of the end pieces, where your machine can’t get to, and hand sew the binding down.

Zip Up Tray Pouch Almost Done

Zip it up, done! This pouch is so nifty, I love it!

Zip Up Tray Pouch Finished

Zip Up Tray Pouch Interior

Zip Up Tray Pouch Finished End

Jamie Trinier
Jamie Trinier


2 Responses

Jessica Burch
Jessica Burch

September 18, 2017

Hi Naomi!

I’m, sorry for the delayed response, we don’t get very good notifications when comments are posted.

You can get the Radiate Wallet pattern from SLOstudio here – – but it looks like she doesn’t have it available right now. Keep checking, or maybe send her a message to see when they’ll be available again?



Naomi Vela
Naomi Vela

August 07, 2017

Hi, love seeing these tutorials but am wondering where I can get the Radiate Pattern from please? I have the Zip Up Tray one already :D


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