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Polarity Quilt Tutorial

by Jamie Trinier July 22, 2017

We’ve chosen Polarity by SLO Studio as our Quilt Kit pattern for July-September boxes. I have loved this pattern since one of my Calgary Modern Quilt Guild members brought one in for show and tell!

 If you’ve been reading my other posts, you’ve probably come to realize I am a scaredy cat when it comes to sewing. So, as with lots of other sewing projects, I was too scared to try this pattern because of the curves. I guess I was afraid of messing it up or wasting fabric. Luckily, launching Culcita has forced me out of my quilting comfort zone! Turns out, most things aren't really that hard, even if you make a mistake, that’s what seam rippers are for!

This quilt actually went together really quickly! Cutting was super easy and quick with Stacey's template and rotary cutter.

Polarity Quilt Cut Pieces

After cutting I watched a few Youtube videos on sewing curves, as I hadn't ever sewn precise curves, only improv curves. The video I liked the most was from Suzy Quilts. Suzy's big tip was to use a walking foot. Aha! Brilliant! I used my walking foot for the entire top.

Walking Foot Piecing

Once the curves were sewn, it was time to trim the quarter circle blocks. Stacey gives a tip in the pattern to line the edges of the curve up with the 9" marks on both sides to aid with sewing the quarter circles together. Great tip! I trimmed the two sides with the curve seams first, then the two sides without the curve seams, just to make sure I could make the 9" markings work.

Polarity Quilt Trimming

After that, it was time to sew the quarter circles together and then the four blocks together. So fast!

Polarity Quilt Four Circles

Finally time for the borders. The two short borders go on first, then the two long borders and boom, you have finished quilt top!

Polarity Quilt Finished Top

I hope you enjoy making this quick quilt as much as I did. My curves clearly need some practice, but it was fun! And Chroma, swoon.

Happy sewing!

Jamie Trinier
Jamie Trinier


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